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Company Outline 

Company Name: Kishi’s Co., Ltd.

Founded: July,1946

Established: January 23, 1974

Capital: JPY30,000,000.-

Chief Executive: Noritaka Kishi 

Head Office: 2-7-17, Nagono, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 451-0042 Japan

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Nagoya St Branch
Mizuho Bank Nagoya Central Branch
Aichi Bank Shinmichi Branch
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Terrase-Nayabashi Branch
Community Bank Gifu Shinkin Nagoya Branch
Seto Shinkin Bank Oshikiri Branch 

Affiliated Institutions:
Japan Toy Association
Japan Balloon Association
Aichi Prefecture Toy Wholesalers Association
Member of Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Osaka Toy Industry Association
Tokyo Toy and Doll Wholesalers Co-operative Association

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Business hours:
*Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays

Business Contents:

Wholesale and sale of all types of latex balloons and party paraphernalia for every occasion. Wholesale  and sale of toys and sales promotion items.

Planning, selling, and mediation of company-specific original sales promotion articles and original gift products.

Acting as a distributer in Japan of all kinds of balloon manufacturer from all over the world, including Pioneer Balloon Company (USA).

Distribution of gift items from all over the world.


Company Hisotry
July 1946 Founder Tsuneo Kishi begins selling rubber balloons and toys at the company’s present location back in 1946. He named the wholesale store, “KishiGum Shop”.
  January 1974 “KISHI-GUM CO., LTD” is established.
April 1978 Begin planning and selling sales promotion items to customers as well as toys.
February 1984 The head office is built.
The warehouse near the head office is built.
June 1987 The Head Office Building is extended.
August 1992 Mr. Noritaka Kishi assumed the post of company CEO .
May 1995 JPY10,000,000- stock increase.
  March 1999 The Balloon and Party Department opens.
  November 1999 The Balloon Warehouse opens.
  September 2000 Hosting The Balloon Convention.
  January 2001 Website is launched.
  March 2003 Merges with Koyu Limited.
  July 2003 Osaka Branch Office is established.
  July 2004 The Nagoya Logistic Centre opens.
  May 2005 The Second Balloon Warehouse opens.
  October 2005 Merges with Balloon Network Limited.
  December 2005 The Tokyo Balloon Department opens.
  February 2006 JPY 30,000,000- stock increase.
  March 2006 The Annex Balloon Building opens.
  April 2006 The head office building is renovated.
  October 2008 The Hananoki Warehouse opens.
  August 2010 Osaka Branch moves to a new location.
  September 2010 The Second Nagoya Logistic Centre opens.
  March 2011 The new Balloon and Party Department opens.
  October 2015

Tokyo Balloon Department moves to a new location.

Kishi’s Tokyo Showcase opens
  January 2016 Company name changed to Kishi’s Co.,Ltd
  May 2017 Fulfillment center opens.
  May 2020 Fulfillment center2 opens.
  August 2020 Tokyo Office moves to a new location.
  Head Quater,Kishi's Party Store
2-7-17, Nagono, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi,
451-0042, Japan
Tel : 81-52-563-4681 Fax : 81-52-563-4684

Nagoya Fulfillment Center2
2-7-4, Shinmichi, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi,
451-0043, Japan
Tel : 81-52-563-4681 Fax : 81-52-563-4684

Nagoya Fulfillment Center
2-4-15, Shinmichi, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi,
451-0043, Japan
Tel : 81-52-563-4681 Fax : 81-52-563-4684

Balloon&Party Facility
2-5-9, Shinmichi, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi,
451-0043, Japan
Tel : 81-588-5911 Fax : 81-588-5913

Hananoki Warehouse
1-11-14, Hananoki, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi,
451-0062, Japan

Tokyo Office
302,Naganuma Building,1-17-12,misuji,taito-ku,Tokyo
111-0055, Japan
Tel : 81-3-5835-1281 Fax : 81-3-5835-1280

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